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bill payment, invoices, and bill tracking servicesbill payment, invoices, and bill tracking services

Billing and bill tracking

Many companies have the need for extensive bill tracking requirements. Whether you are a law firm, IT professional, accountant or have the need to track royalties for your clients, we use various billing programs to maintain accurate and detailed databases to suit your clients' needs.

By providing you with timely answers to your billing inquiries we will assist you in responding to your clients' questions and promote timely payment of your invoices. We can work with your IT support or our own to set up e-mail addresses with your firm where your client's can e-mail us directly and we can intervene on your behalf. Our courteous professionals will also follow-up with your client's to collect outstanding receivables so that you do not have to tarnish your relationship with clients by demanding money directly.

To have one of our staff visit your site to determine how we can best meet your needs, please contact us at 917-748-5517